Sunday, 20 November 2011

"I Don't Think Natalie Fell"

Lana Wood's telling last statement at the end of her interview on "Piers Morgan", despite her insisting that she believes that Robert Wagner didn't mean to hurt her sister Natalie, is very compellingAlthough she clearly chose her words carefully as to avoid compromising the investigation and possibly to avoid more negative reaction from her former-brother-in-law, Lana is and has been an important part of bringing the case to national and international attention once again.

Lana still has a lot of pain and it shows.  I'm sure their older sister, Olga, still has that feeling of grief and loss as well.  It never should have happened, Natalie should still be here, enjoying her golden years, having watching her daughters grow up, get married and perhaps have children of their own. Lana stated in her book that in many ways Natalie was like a surrogate parent to her as well as a big sister, whom she always loved, even when they didn't see eye to eye.  Lana stated in recent years that she has had dreams about Natalie that show her not being at peace, her being unhappy.  I'm sure many would like to believe it was no more than a tragic accident because we don't want to believe that her suffering and death was the result of negligence.  But the evidence that was submitted to the LA County Sheriff's Office may very well point to that.

 Marti Rulli and Dennis Davern have been interviewed since the reopening of the case was publicly announced, and I feel that a lot of these so-called interviewers have some strong bias and even hostility toward them, perhaps because they know very little about the case or the new evidence that has come to light.  It could also stem from celebrity worship that Wagner uses like a shield.  Speaking through his spokesperson, Robert Wagner has insinuated that all those who have worked so hard to fight for the truth to be revealed and have the case re-examined are not credible and are only out to make a profit. It seems that is what his defense usually entails, such as when he bemoans that anyone can say anything about a celebrity once they have passed on since they are not alive to refute it. Wagner doesn't practice what he preaches. His lawsuits with the late Aaron Spelling, his sanctioned biography of Natalie by Gavin Lambert and his autobiography, and his insinuations about Natalie and other stars in his book and on television interviews contradict these statements. I have no idea if he is scared right now, but if he's not, perhaps he should be.

I've seen some individuals on the internet (some of which are Robert Wagner fans, no doubt) who ask why did they bother to reopen the case all these years later, and the answer is simple: because the case warrants a second look, since the original investigation ended after three days and it was not looked at throughly. The truth, and justice need to be served, and the pain and grief does not end for the victim's loved ones.  They can't forget. While this new information will undoubtedly open old wounds, Natalie's family deserves to know the truth, and they have a right to know.  Wagner has had all the rights and a voice, while Natalie been deprived of that. It's long overdue to for her dignity to be restored and for giving her voice back.  I give my full support to Marti Rulli, Dennis Davern, Lana Wood, Marilyn Wayne and many others who were instrumental in getting Natalie's case reopened and bringing the suppressed evidence and eyewitness accounts to public attention. May your efforts not be in vain and may Natalie finally rest.

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  1. natalie wood is my all time favorite actress. my mom always thought that robert wagner murdered natalie. i always thought she fell into the water and that it was negligent homicide; he didn't do a thing to save her. now i am beginning to believe he either threw her or pushed her and didn't assist her in any manner. it is still negligent homicide.